Our range of Manufacturer Refurbished Products

We offer Manufacturer Refurbished products from Apple. Our stock is in hot demand so we are constantly adding new products as we get them. We stock iPads, MacBooks, iMacs and more!

There is a cost-effective choice of a Deals4Mates MacBook, iMac or iPad for everyone.

Manufacturer Refurbished VS Refurbished

The market is full of refurbished products, however there is a big difference between normal refurbished products and Manufacturer Refurbished devices. If not Manufacturer Refurbished, replacements and testing is completed by a 3rd party or independent repairer. Independent repairers are not authorized to do this refurbishment and you cannot be sure of the quality of the product. They may cut corners, use cheap replacement parts or not replace parts that require to be replaced.

Manufacturer Refurbished products are refurbished only by Apple and use 100% original parts. Apple also ensures that the housing, battery, keyboard and LCD are ‘like new’, something you don’t necessary know with a non- certified refurbished device. These refurbished products are also backed up with Apple’s own warranty.

Supported by an Apple Warranty

Devices refurbished by Apple have been pre-owned or used for a very short time and renewed with genuine original Apple spare parts. We at Deals 4 Mates sell these Manufacturer Refurbished products.

These devices are ‘like new’ and cosmetically and technically, they are completely indistinguishable from brand new Apple products. Due to this, Apple offers an official guarantee with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Their extended warranty, AppleCare can also be purchased separately from Apple.

Save $$$ with Manufacturer Refurbished Products

Apple are very transparent about their refurbished products and their packaging is labeled so. The biggest advantage of purchasing a Manufacturer Refurbished product is that they are often much cheaper than brand new. With a ‘like new’ product that is cosmetically and technically indistinguishable from brand new, an official Apple warranty and a saving of up to 50%, you can’t go wrong buying from us!

Apple Models and Colours Available

We offer a large variety of devices in different colours and with different specifications that all come directly from Apple. Depending on the stock availability, products we sell may include; MacBook 12 inch, MacBook Air 13.3 inch, MacBook Pro 13.3 / 15.4 inch, iMac 21.5 / 27 inch, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPad Air. 

About our Unique Quality
About our Unique Quality

We Think About The Environment

As all the devices sold on our website are renewed by Apple, this means that they are sustainable. By buying a device from our store, you not only save on money but also the environment. Contribute to the environment and buy refurbished!

Like new but much cheaper, now you can purchase with peace of mind without having to worry about the quality.

Sometimes deals seem too good to be true, but these are definitely true!

Take a look through our store, we have the best deal for everybody.


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